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Our mission is to protect and improve the personal and financial health of all consumers. We meet consumers wherever they are in life with custom tailored solutions just for them. We empower them to take actions that improve their life and protect the things they care about.

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We believe in the symbiosis between humans and machines, a superior place neither could achieve on their own. As a leading insurance platform, we’ve created the most advanced technology and data science systems, yet built it all to support the human touch.

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Better Insurance

No matter where someone is in life, we make it simple to take actions that improve their personal and financial health.


We provide a unique experience for every consumer that quantifies their risks, resources, and preferences, then guides and motivates them to a better place for their life. While many of our customers purchase entirely online, most prefer the combination of our digital guidance and the expertise of our on-demand licensed agents.

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We’re committed to improving the personal and financial health of every consumer we interact with.